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Property Factors Decisions

Decisions are listed by the latest hearing date.

The date listed is the date of the first hearing of the case by the tribunal, followed by the case reference number and the decision files (PDF).

Decisions prior to 1st December 2016 will refer to The Homeowner Housing Panel. Decisions after this date will be made by the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) .

NEW: we have introduced two new functions to this decision search, that allows cases to be filtered by complaint type or searched by Property Factor Registration Number. Please note, these functions are currently only in effect for the more recent cases, so when it is used it will reduce the number of available decisions to browse. We are continuing to add this information to older cases, and in most circumstances new cases will be added with this information in place.

If you have any questions regarding results on this page please contact us.

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Property Factor Property Factor Registration Number Case Reference Number Hearing Date Application complaints Files Upper Tribunal Decision(s)
Lomond Property Factors PF000359 FTS/HPC/PF/23/2076
PF 23.2076 decision_Redacted.pdf (556.84 KB)
Trinity Factors PF000170 FTS/HPC/LM/23/1775, FTS/HPC/LM/23/0277 Written statement of services (Section 1 of Code), Complaints resolution (Section 7 of Code)
Lowther Homes PF000785 FTS/HPC/PF/23/2244
Trinity Factors PF000170 FTS/HPC/PF/23/3764
The Proprietors of Milton Hill Estate FTS/HPC/LM/23/0589+0590 Property Factor Duties
James Gibb Property Management Ltd PF000103 FTS/HPC/PF/23/3446 Communication and consultation (Section 2 of Code), Carrying out repairs and maintenance(Section 6 of Code), Complaints resolution (Section 7 of Code)
James Gibb PF000103 FTS/HPC/PF/23/2449 , ,
Lowther Homes PF000785 FTS/HPC/PF/23/2724 Property Factor Duties
Written Decision PF.23.2724.pdf (482.51 KB)
First Port Property Services PF000095 FTS/HPC/PF/23/3593
FTS/HPC/PF/23/3720 PF000095 FTS/HPC/PF/23/3720 Communication and consultation (Section 2 of Code), Financial obligations (Section 3 of Code), Carrying out repairs and maintenance(Section 6 of Code), Property Factor Duties