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Other Private Tenancy Applications

From 1 December 2017 most types of legal applications about private sector tenancies will be dealt with by the Housing and Property Chamber, rather than the Sheriff Court. Applications about tenancies of social landlords (local authorities, and Registered Social Landlords such as housing associations) must continue to apply to their local Sheriff Court.

This section covers the remaining application types that are not catered for elsewhere on the site. Below is a list of the applications that should be made using the form and guidance available from the menu on the right.

If you do not see the type of application you wish to make in this list, you should go back to the Apply to the Tribunal page and check the main list of application types. Clicking on the relevant Rule link will take you to the correct page.


CHAPTER 2 Procedure in respect of repairing standard applications

47.Application to contract out of the repairing standard.

49.Application to order a person to cease obstructing a person from complying with the repairing standard.


CHAPTER 4 Procedure in respect of adaptations of rented houses applications

59.Application to appeal the decision of a landlord in relation to adapting a rented house for a disabled person or carrying out work to improve the energy efficiency of the house.


CHAPTER 6 Procedure in respect of assured tenancy applications

66A Application to modify a tenant’s right to shared accommodation

67.Application to determine removal expenses.

68.Application to provide written tenancy agreement and weekly rent book.

69.Application for damages for unlawful eviction.



CHAPTER 8 Procedure in respect of regulated tenancy and Part VII contract applications

75.Application to determine the statutory tenant after the death of a protected tenant.

76.Application for the apportionment of the rateable value in relation to a protected tenancy.

78.Application for compensation for misrepresentation or concealment by landlord.

80.Application to adjust recoverable rent.

81.Application to amend a rent increase notice.

82.Application to rectify a rent book after determination of recoverable rent.

83.Application to determine the rent limit.

84.Application for apportionment of the rateable value in relation to a Part VII contract.

85.Application to reduce the period of a notice to quit.

86.Application to postpone the date of possession in relation to Part VII contracts.

87.Application to recover unlawful premiums and loans.

88.Application to modify a tenant’s right to shared accommodation.

89.Application to alter the amount of rent where the right to shared accommodation is modified.

90.Application to determine the application of the 1984 Act.



CHAPTER 9 Procedure in respect of letting agent applications

93.Application for extension of time limit to determine application for registration as a letting agent.

94.Application to appeal decision by the Scottish Ministers to refuse to register or removal from register.


CHAPTER 10 Procedure in respect of landlord registration applications

98.Application for an extension of time limit to determine application for registration as a landlord.

99.Application to appeal against refusal to register or removal from register.

100.Application to appeal against a decision of the local authority to serve a notice that no rent is payable.

101.Application to revoke a notice that no rent is payable.


CHAPTER 11 Procedure in respect of tenancy deposit applications

103.Application for order for payment where landlord has failed to carry out duties in relation to tenancy deposits.


CHAPTER 12 Procedure in respect of private residential tenancy applications

110.Application for a wrongful termination order.