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Procedures for tribunal determinations

To determine applications in relation to rent assessment and/or failure to comply with the repairing standard, the tribunal will normally inspect the property prior to any hearing.

Where the application relates to a property factor’s duties, the tribunal will make an inspection if they consider it is required to enable them to determine the application fairly but an inspection is not always necessary.

Where the application is by a landlord for assistance in exercising his right of access to the property, there is no formal hearing process.

In applications for evictions, civil proceedings or other specific applications that transferred from the jurisdiction of the Sheriff Court, a case management discussion may take place in the first instance.

At the case management discussion, hearing, and inspection (if one takes place), the tribunal will explain to parties how the case will be conducted and what is expected of each party.

More details about each type of application can be found in the Apply to the Tribunal section.