Eviction and Civil Proceedings Decisions

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Case Reference Tribunal Rule Hearing Datesort ascending Applicant Respondent Decision file Upper Tribunal Decision(s)
  • Rule66
20/12/2022 The Cowhill Trust David Glendinning PDF icon Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) 21.1521_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule111
30/06/2022 Homesure Portfolio Management Ian Turnbull, Lauren Shennan PDF icon Written Decision with Statement of Reasons 22.0222_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule111
17/06/2022 Gerard Dunn Peter Lumley, Sara Lumley PDF icon Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) 21.1600_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule111
16/06/2022 Paul Sloan Kelli Lynch PDF icon Decision with Statement of Reasons CV.22.0833_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
16/06/2022 Brian Gillbride Elena Coroian, Manu Visalon PDF icon Written Decision 1179_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
16/06/2022 Lorna Abercrombie Mark Beattie PDF icon Written Decision 1205_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
15/06/2022 Barrie Herbert Lorraine Anderson PDF icon CV.22.0100 Decision_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
15/06/2022 Christopher McIntyre Kennedy Boyle, Logan Sword PDF icon Written Decision 22.0475_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
15/06/2022 Russell Dunlop Gary Cowan PDF icon Written Decision 22.0496_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
14/06/2022 Carol Phillips Stuart Gallagher PDF icon Decision with Statement of Reasons EV 22 0503 3mths Arrears No att by Resp June 22_Redacted.pdf