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Our Ref
Street Name
High Street
Post Code
IV25 3SH
Type of Order
Repair Category
13(1)(a), 13(1)(c), 13(1)(d), 13(1)(f)
Decision Date
Members Names
R Handley, A Anderson, L Robertson
In particular the Private Rented Housing Committee requires the Landlord to:-(a) repair or replace the light filling in the pantry ,(b) repair the shower unit (in the bathroom) to ensure that it is in proper working order and to make good any damage to the plasterwork and the decorations in the stairwell ,(c) arrange an inspection of the central heating system and to carry out such works as may be required to ensure that the central heating system is in proper working order ,(d) ensure that the smoke alarms installed within the Property are in accordance with the recommendations contained in SS 5839, Part 6.The Private Rented Housing Committee order that the works specified in this Order must be carried out and completed within the period of two months from the date of service of this Notice.


rseo.105.09_0.pdf (418.17 KB)