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Our Ref
Street Name
East Kilbride
Post Code
G75 9BX
Type of Order
Repair Category
13(1)(a), 13(1)(d)
Decision Date
Members Names
R Handley, M Links, S Campbell
The Committee determined that on the date of the inspection, the landlord had failed to comply with the duty imposed by Section 14 (1) (b) of the Act in that the tumble dryer was not in a reasonable state of repair or in proper working order. However the Committee was satisfied that all the other issues raised by the tenant in her application had been remedied and that the Repairing Standard had been met.The Committee noted that the defect in the tumble dryer was of a relatively minor nature. Moreover the landlord's representatives accepted at the Hearing that the tumble dryer was not in proper working order and advised that appropriate action would be taken to remedy this defect. On 6 October 2010 the PRHP office received a copy of a document which confirmed that new bearings and a door lock had been supplied and fitted to the tumble dryer.In all these circumstances the Committee was satisfied that the Repairing Standard was met as of 6 October 2010.


comp.96.10_0.pdf (302.16 KB)