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Our Ref
Street Name
Lamond Place
Post Code
AB24 3UT
Type of Order
Repair Category
13(1)(a), 13(1)(b), 13(1)(c)
Decision Date
Members Names
E Miller, M Andrew, M Scott
In particular the Private Rented Housing Committee requires the landlord:-(a) to carry out such works as are necessary for to the roof and gable end of the larger tenement building of which the Property forms part sufficient to render the Property wind and watertight and to prevent further water ingress ,(b) to redecorate the ceiling within the sitting room of the Property to an appropriate standard ,(c) to dehumidify and dry the Property to an appropriate level in order that all damage to the walls in the sitting room, bedroom and kitchen can be made good and the walls redecorated ,(d) to replace all furnishings, carpets, etc., damaged by water ingress to the Property.The Private Rented Housing Committee order that the works specified in this Order must be carried out and completed within the period of 8 (eight) weeks from the date of service of this Notice.


rseo.12.10_0.pdf (482.65 KB)