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Other Private Tenancy Applications Decisions

Below you will find listed decisions that have been made by the tribunal on applications in the Other Private Tenancy Applications category.
Case Reference Tribunal Rule Hearing Date Applicant Respondent Decision file Upper Tribunal Decision(s)
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1353 Rule 103 Derek Knowles Crossgatehead Properties Ltd
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1677 Rule 103 Evgenia Sarrou Sanjay Sharma
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1400 Rule 103 Nathan Johnson Marc Everett
FTS/HPC/PR/18/0129 Rule 103 Jacqueline Hyslop Catherine Haveron, David Haveron
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1212 Rule 103 Kimberly Carrick Hakan Kavakli
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1105 Rule 103 Ini Usoro, Natalie Usoro Charles Kelly
FTS/HPC/PR/18/0907 Rule 103 Kristian Laszkiewicz KCLS Property, Key Contacts Letting Solutions Limited
FTS/HPC/PR/18/0930 Rule 103 Michael Bell Paul Morrison
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1285 Rule 103 Karen Calpin Surjit Chowdhary
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1301 Rule 103 Laura Gordon Iain Dow