Other Private Tenancy Applications Decisions

Below you will find listed decisions that have been made by the tribunal on applications in the Other Private Tenancy Applications category.

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Case Referencesort ascending Tribunal Rule Hearing Date Applicant Respondent Decision File Upper Tribunal Decision(s)
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1408 Rule 103 Friday, 12 October 2018 Amanda Archer Adrian Deeley PDF icon Decision 18.1408_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1401 Rule 103 Friday, 2 November 2018 Abdulahaziz Alghamdi 1st Lets Scotland Ltd PDF icon pr.18.1401_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1400 Rule 103 Friday, 10 August 2018 Nathan Johnson Marc Everett PDF icon 1400 Decision_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1399 Rule 103 Tuesday, 28 August 2018 Reem Althobaiti Coulters Lettings Ltd PDF icon Decision 1399_20180830114835_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1350 Rule 103 Thursday, 1 November 2018 Liga Dimante KJM Movements Ltd PDF icon decision 1350_20181101151044_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1338 Rule 103 Tuesday, 15 January 2019 Pauline Stark Graham Burns PDF icon written decision 1338_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1294 Rule 103 Tuesday, 12 March 2019 Jamil Hijazi Arshad Mahmood PDF icon decision 1294_2019.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1268 Rule 103 Friday, 22 February 2019 M Foy N MacKay PDF icon pr.18.1268 Decision_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1217 Rule 103 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 Declan Murray, Juan Bautista Navas Afzal Boksh PDF icon Decision 18.1217_Redacted.pdf
FTS/HPC/PR/18/1213 Rule 103 Monday, 15 October 2018 Remy Brugidou Asaddar Ali PDF icon Decision 1213_Redacted.pdf