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Other Private Tenancy Applications Decisions

Below you will find listed decisions that have been made by the tribunal on applications in the Other Private Tenancy Applications category.
Case Reference Tribunal Rule Hearing Date Applicant Respondent Decision file Upper Tribunal Decision(s)
FTS/HPC/GL/20/2139 Rule 99 Joga Singh Glasgow City Council Private Rented Sector
FTS/HPC/GL/21/1610 Rule 99 Clarkston Developments Ltd Glasgow City Council
FTS/HPC/GL/22/0830 Rule 99 Clarkston Developments Ltd Glasgow City Council
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0459 Rule 103 Jennifer Ludwig Andrea Atkins , Craig Atkins
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0462 Rule 103 Alison Kipling , Megan Kipling David Trevithick , Marie Trevithick
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0502 Rule 103 Carole Hay Alistair Martin
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0506 Rule 103 Xiaohui Zhou JFT & KLM Greig Trust
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0527 Rule 103 Anita Rozentale , Luke Joseph Welch Michael Caldwell
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0538 Rule 103 Ryan McCrone Elizabeth Milliken
FTS/HPC/PR/17/0552 Rule 103 Caroline Donoghue , Gavin Donoghue Gary Hanlon